How I Designed the Ultimate Blazer at Harvard Law School

How I Designed the Ultimate Blazer at Harvard Law School

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A woman that graduating from Harvard Law School wearing a blazer with a blue button.

When I arrived at Harvard Law School, I had no intention of starting a pantsuit company or designing a blazer. I had no background in fashion (aside from being a devoted fan of fashion bloggers) nor had I ever started a company. I had no idea that a frustrating trip to the mall would turn into Spencer Jane.

   When I decided to launch Spencer Jane, I had my work cut out for me. I started out by reading every book and listened to every podcast I could find about starting a company and working in fashion. I also met with my friend's parents, professors, and anyone that would be willing to spare 15 minutes. Through informational interviews, I was able to turn my ideas and designs into a reality. 

We took the best features from all our designs to create our blazer. It took several months and samples to get everything just right! We had potential customers try on the blazer samples and made changes based on their feedback. We also made sure the blazer was durable with wash and wear tests.

I was so excited to receive our final production sample from our factory.  The feature picture was taken on the day I approved the blazer's design and placed our first production order! If you see a picture or video of me in the blazer, I am likely wearing the original sample! I wear it almost every day, wash it weekly, and it still looks brand new. 

A digital patten for a blazer. It was the second pattern for the harvard blazer. It features a fitted design with a single button.

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