The Naming of Spencer Jane: A Tribute to My Grandparents

The Naming of Spencer Jane: A Tribute to My Grandparents

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The most common question I get is about the naming of Spencer Jane! When I set out to create the brand, I wanted the name to be representative of our values. I also wanted something elegant and classic. Naming a company is more difficult than it sounds! 

The Naming of Spencer Jane. A picture of an older woman sitting with a man behind her.

I brainstormed several ideas and had several working titles. For the first several months, the brand was called Logan Jane. However, it just didn't seem to fit. I made a list of everything that I wanted Spencer Jane to represent - success, elegance, hard work, support, inspiration, and love. Then, I made a list of all of the people in my life who have embodied those values. 

My grandparents were at the top of the list! I grew up in Kansas visiting their family farm. My grandparents were able to work through setbacks, financial difficulties, and other obstacles. They gave everything they had to support their family and didn't hesitate to act when the community was in need. They always believed in their children and grandchildren. It is an honor to be able to name the brand after them! I also love the sound of Spencer Jane. 

The Logo of Spencer Jane features cursive writing

The logo is also a tribute to them! It is based on their handwriting. 

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